Zirconia ceramic knife

How did people come up with Zirconia Ceramics for Tableware?

Most people think they are very strange to zirconia ceramics and have little contact with them, but in fact, we only need a few examples to make it clear. The simplest examples are the utensils we use in our daily lives, such as zirconia ceramic chopsticks, zirconia ceramic soup spoons, zirconia ceramic teacups, and so on, all of which are made from zirconia ceramics.

But how did people come up with this material for tableware? This is because traditional ceramics have problems such as poor resistance to fall and durability, and the appearance and application of zirconia ceramics completely solve these problems. This special material is not only resistant to acid, alkali, and rust, but also has good environmental protection. It is the ideal choice of tableware materials.

Zirconia ceramic chopsticks

Zirconia ceramics are by far the most resilient of ceramic materials, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them when you make your cutlery. Besides, it has an excellent high-temperature solid electrolyte, oxygen ions can also pass through at a high temperature, which is a very special ceramic material. The following is a special case of zirconia ceramic knife to explain in detail the application of zirconia ceramics in kitchen utensils.

Zirconia ceramic knife is made from zirconia ceramic material which belongs to nonmetal material. Since the material purity and particle size were controlled, and various carbides, nitride, boride, and oxides were added to improve their properties, not only did the bending strength of the zirconia ceramic knife increase to 0.9~1.0GPa, but also the fracture toughness and impact resistance were greatly improved. In recent years, the application range of zirconia ceramic knives has been expanding, from high-tech fields such as aerospace to the industrial ceramic knife.

Characteristics of zirconia ceramic knife


The ceramic knife is designed in a close manner with no gaps and pores, no sticky bacteria and foreign body, and will not become a breeding ground for bacteria. The super antibacterial function of the ceramic knife is very suitable for cutting food which can be eaten directly.

Zirconia ceramic knife

Resistance to food oxidation

The ceramic knife will not react with any food, maintaining the original taste of the food, allowing you to fully experience the enjoyment of the delicious food. By the way, ceramic knives are very suitable for cutting raw fish, fruits, vegetables, boneless meat, and cooked food.

Healthy and Eco-friendly

The ceramic knife, which does not emit metal ions, has excellent non-metal properties, making it never rust. Besides, the healthy and environmentally friendly ceramic knives are resistant to various acid-base organics, and will not be corroded by acids and oils in fruits and vegetables. It is non-toxic, pollution-free, non-oxidizing and non-rusting.

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