Zirconia Ceramics: A Hotspot in the Field of Micro-machinery

Zirconia ceramic materials are gradually being widely used in the field of micromachinery, because of its maintain excellent properties such as high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, hardness, etc.

The development of science and technology has made the miniaturization technology of zirconia ceramic materials become an important issue concerned by all countries, while the equipment tends to be miniaturized, and zirconia ceramics have a broad application prospect in the fields of automobile, medical treatment, aviation, aerospace, military, and environmental detection.

All countries in the world began to invest a lot of money, scientific research forces and too micromechanical system research. Organizations such as the National Natural Science Foundation of the United States and the Department of Defense attach great importance to MEMS(Micro-electromechanical Systems)technology and invest a lot of money in related research; The European Union has set up a multi-functional Microsystems research cooperation agency to strengthen interaction among countries; Japan has formulated the nano-manufacturing plan, the AI(artificial intelligence)technology plan, the microrobot plan, and established the micro machinery center and the micro machinery society; At present, there are more than 60 units engaged in MEMS research in China, and some scientific achievements have been made in the field of sensors and micro-actuators.


Zirconia ceramics are used in micro pressure sensors to detect engine inlet pipe pressure, micro accelerometers for vehicle safety airbag systems, and micro angular velocimeters for wheel sideslip and roll control. Microdevices such as micro pumps, microvalves, micro tweezers, and micro flowmeters applied in zirconia ceramics, and the micro-inertial measurement device, micro-whole analysis system, RF sensor, etc. are used in the military field. Moreover, zirconia ceramic materials can be used as a micro burner, a microreactor, and a pressure sensor at high temperatures and they can also be used as a composite, bone tissue scaffold, and in other biomedical fields because of their good biological solubility.

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